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Last updated on 1/8/2024


Agree to Attendee Terms & Conditions

By registering to attend the Peak Cyber Symposium you agree to the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy, which forms a part of the Attendee Terms and Conditions. The Privacy Policy is available on this website. 



For attendees that need to pay to attend the Peak Cyber Symposium, all fees must be made when you register online. 

Attendee Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made in writing. Email notice shall suffice. Refunds will be provided for cancellations as follows:

- For cancellations submitted sixty (60) days or more prior to the Symposium, the attendee will receive a 100 percent refund of the Symposium registration fee. (minus the credit card processing fee) 

- Cancellations submitted within forty (40) days prior to the first day of the Symposium, will refund fifty (50) percent of the attendee fee. (minus the credit card processing fee)

- Cancellations submitted within thirty (30) days prior to the first day of the Symposium, are non-refundable

- No-shows are liable for the entire Symposium fee. 


Replacement Personnel 

If the original Attendee registrant is unable to attend, Attendee may send a replacement Attendee/ It is the responsibility of the original Attendee registrant to notify us in writing, five (5) business days prior to the Symposium confirming that they will not be able to attend and would like to send a replacement.

Conference Cancellation

In the unlikely event that we cancel the Peak Cyber Symposium we will refund the fees paid by the Attendee within thirty (30) days of such cancellation, and we will not be held responsible for other costs or expenditures incurred by Attendee. 

Privacy Policy

Please refer to the Privacy Policy available on this website, which forms a part of these Terms and Conditions.

Event Manager Publications or other Media (i.e. photographs, video, etc.)

Secret Sauce Events LLC shall be free to include in any form of media created by Secret Sauce Events LLC (or on its behalf) in connection with the Event. Any and all photographs, videos, or other recorded media may be used by Secret Sauce Events LLC for the purposes of marketing or advertising without any payment or compensation being offered and without any request being made to the featured parties.


Secret Sauce Events LLC assumes no risk or liability in connection with your role as an Attendee, in whatever capacity, including as a Speaker. 

By attending the Peak Cyber Symposium, you voluntarily assume all risks related to exposure to COVID-19.


In the event of any damages caused by attendees to property or equipment in use by Secret Sauce Events LLC the attendee will be charged the full replacement cost. Any damage must be reported to a member of the Event Staff immediately. 


As an Attendee, you agree to conduct yourself in a professional manner and to comply with such reasonable requirements that are imposed by Secret Sauce Events LLC in connection with the event. If you do not conduct yourself in a professional manner Secret Sauce Events LLC has the right to remove you from the event. 

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